Goon gaiter


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Goon gaiter
Designed to perform, this Port Authority®gaiter incorporates HeiQ Viroblock treatment into the fabric. HeiQ is a Swiss-based provider of antiviral and antibacterial solutions.

This gaiter serves as a multifunctional, versatile face covering as well as a headband, neckerchief, hood and sun guard. Pull over head, arrange at neck and pull up to cover head and face as desired.
  • Black
  • 95/5 Cotton/spandex
  • Dimensions: 19″ x 9.5″
  • Machine washable
  • one size fits most

HeiQ Viroblock is designed to inhibit the growth and persistence of bacteria and enveloped viruses on textile surfaces. It’s a unique combination of our registered silver technology for antiviral and antibacterial effect and our vesicle technology as a booster.

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