About Goon Gear

Goon Gear, founded in August 2018 by lucas and Tonya  Magoon, is a company with an amazing story. Lucas, a former professional snowboarder, spent over 20 years traveling the world. In 2017, while living in Southern California, the couple received the exciting news of Tonya's pregnancy, making them decide to return to the East Coast, where they both grew up, to raise their daughter, Winter Diamond Magoon, born in December of the same year.

That February- the Magoons were invited to Seven springs PA- with snowboarder magazine. During a trip they decided to start their own company, Goon Gear. Seven months later, their dream came to life, and the company was launched.

Over the years, Goon Gear has steadily grown and will celebrate its 5th anniversary in August 2023. Despite their busy schedules, including raising their daughter, hosting meetups at Big Snow in New Jersey during the summer, running Goon Gear, Tonya running their coffee business and Lucas working long hours with his father-in-law, they have managed to make it all work.

One of their highlights every summer is the annual Goonfest, a festival held at the Snowridge Ski Area in upstate NY, featuring skateboarding, vendors, camping, music, and a fantastic atmosphere. The next Goonfest will take place on June 27th-30th, 2024.

In the winters, Goon Gear organizes a nationwide snowboard event, the Goon Jam tour,  traveling to various states each season. Last season, they visited six states and plan to stop at seven this year: New York, Vermont, Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado, California, and Nevada. The Magoons, along with their close friends and family, Vermont Locs-  Justin and Emily, capture the experience and create weekly edits for Slush Magazine and a movie set to be released in fall 2023, with premieres in Vermont and NYC.

The incredible journey of Goon Gear has been made possible by the support of their loyal customers and fans, and they express their heartfelt gratitude for making it all happen.